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Combatting The Veterinary Recruitment Nightmare

Is recruiting the bane of your existence as a practice manager? You’re not alone. According to the data from our Practice Manager report, a whopping 58% of practice managers say that recruiting is the #1 challenge their practice faces. And it’s not just about finding warm bodies to fill open positions – 21% say staff retention is the top challenge, while 10% cite staff morale as the biggest hurdle.

But here’s the real kicker: a shocking 47% of all hospitals don’t have a standard recruitment plan in place. No wonder recruiting is such a nightmare! It’s like trying to hit a moving target without a bow and arrow.

But fear not, dear reader. There is hope!  Investing in a top-notch career page and working with a company like iVET360 can take control of the recruiting process and attract top talent who are the perfect fit for your hospital. Don’t let the challenge of recruiting bring you down – rise to the occasion and join the ranks of hospitals killing it in the hiring game. [See what our clients are saying about working with us]- link to upcoming client testimonial video