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Expert Advice Whenever You Need It

Navigating the world of HR can seem daunting, but with the right support, it becomes a powerful tool for enhancing your practice's culture, morale, and productivity. At iVET360, we offer three tailored HR service levels designed to meet your practice's unique needs. Let's explore these options and discover why our HR On-Call service is the most popular choice.


Full-Service HR Package

For those who want comprehensive, hands-on support.

Our Full-Service HR package is perfect for practices that require extensive HR management and strategic alignment. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, our HR experts help you transform your practice's culture from the ground up. This package includes full-scale recruitment and retention strategies and a holistic approach to aligning, inspiring, and boosting your team's spirit.

HR On-Call

Our most popular option—flexible, proactive, and ready when you are.

HR On-Call is designed for practices that need reliable HR expertise without the commitment of a full-service package. This flexible option provides bi-monthly newsletters to keep you informed and compliant, direct email access to HR professionals for quick advice, and support in policy reviews, background checks, management coaching, and best practices. It's perfect for those who need guidance on demand, helping you navigate everything from routine queries to HR crises with confidence and ease.

Employer of Choice

For practices focused on becoming leaders in employment standards.

The Employer of Choice package is ideal for practices specifically seeking hiring support in this competitive market. A significant part of successful recruiting is retention, and this service is designed to help hospitals attract and retain top veterinary talent. We focus on enhancing your reputation as a top employer with tools like our signature scorecard, free job advertising, and applicant filtering. This package is tailored for proactive recruitment practices and is committed to retaining great talent.


What You Get With HR On-Call

HR On-Call isn't just a service; it's your HR partner waiting in the wings, ready to assist whenever you need. Whether you're handling a tricky HR question, navigating a compliance update, or looking for ways to improve team dynamics, HR On-Call is the versatile, responsive solution you've been looking for.

Your HR News, Every Two Months

Keep your finger on the pulse of the HR world with our engaging, informative newsletter delivered straight to your inbox every two months. It’s your quick update on all things HR and more!

Complete Policy Check-Up

Our pros completely review your policy manual*. With decades of industry experience under our belt, we ensure everything is up-to-date, compliant, and poised for smooth operations.

*We require all clients to have a Hospital Manual, if you do not we can create it for an additional fee.

Background Checks You Can Trust

Start off on the right foot with every new hire. Our pre-employment criminal background checks* are thorough, reliable, and designed to protect your team and your patients.

*Background checks are an additional fee.

Leadership Coaching That Transforms

Our management and leadership coaching helps deal with the drama, find smoother sailing when you hit bumps, and turns leaders into visionaries. We provide the tools and support to inspire, educate, and lead your team to new heights.


ready when you are

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