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Re-Introducing is an exclusive new performance and training hub

Building on the success of our original veterinary learning management system, iVET360 has now created an integrated performance and training management hub that will make the job of owners and managers easier, simpler, and vastly more effective.

The new was designed by practice managers for practice managers, and is a comprehensive HR and Training hub. This completely customizable platform tracks performance, compliance, increases engagement, and enables managers to develop goals for their team. It includes:

  • Streamlined Performance Evaluations
  • Goal & Development Plans
  • Competency Assessments
  • Feedback & Recognition
  • Check-ins (One-on-Ones)
  • Training Checklists
  • Competency Gap Analysis
  • Skills Matrix

Because the training and performance platforms of are integrated, these features can also be linked to course content. Similarly, courses and modules from the training side can be directly assigned to members of your team in the performance side. This makes it easier to help your team improve and achieve their goals, and for you to track progress on those goals.  

According to Heather Romano, iVET360’s Managing Director of HR & Training, the new performance hub is an essential tool that not only to makes life easier for management, but also has the potential to reduce labor costs for practices who opt in.

“It makes employee conversations and evaluations much more productive because they are based on data and facts,” she explains. “That increases engagement, resulting in less turnover—which saves time, financial resources, and morale.”

This new performance management hub is fully integrated with the over 250 training modules contained in, which has been upgraded to include playlists and express classes, allowing you to record in-hospital and conference learning to your team’s course transcripts.

The new enables practices to have a complete picture of their entire staff and how they are performing—then act on that information, all in one place.

“Think of it as the center of your employee management universe,” Romano says.

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