Website Page Speed

Website Page Speed

Industry Average

3.9 Seconds

Average website load time (4G).

8.2 Seconds

Average website load time (3G).

Prior Year Stats

2018: 8.6 Secs. (3G)

2017: 6.7 Secs. (3G)

Industry Notes

Industry websites have sped up by 5% over last year, but they are still 23% slower than they were two years ago. The speed of iVET360 clients websites is 2.9 seconds (4G).

The What:

Site speed is a metric that Google takes into account when deciding whose websites to feature on the SERP. This year, they altered their algorithm, which prioritizes the speed of a site on mobile devices over desktop—a speed they’d still like to be under 2 seconds. Theoretically, this is a good thing, because Google wants users to be able to get into a site securely and efficiently. You just need to make sure your website speed is at least on the faster side of the average for veterinary hospitals so that your competitors don’t start out-ranking you on Google.

For 4G, the veterinary industry is currently sitting at an average loading speed of just under 4 seconds—and it’s been found that by that time, 24 percent of potential visitors have grown impatient and left the site.

Data-consuming images are a large reason why the veterinary industry isn’t up to Google’s standard. People want a visual of how well their dog is going to be cared for. While this isn’t entirely a bad thing—we too love endless puppy videos—it’s important to cater to what clients want to see on your website without forcing them to wait so long for a high-def cat GIF that they end up leaving your site to find another vet in the area.

The Why:

In their effort to prioritize mobile site speed, Google has updated the tool we use for this metric to measure speed at 4G as well as 3G, as much of the population relies on the former when using mobile devices. While moving forward, we will focus on the 4G data as well, it’s still important to note that there was a small increase in 3G speed (or a decrease in seconds) since last year. While still much slower than the 2017 statistics, this is definitely a step in the right direction, especially considering 4G speed tends to be about twice as fast as 3G. A major factor to this increase in speed is the site theme and server upgrades that a major industry provider did in 2019. It is likely other major providers will follow suit in the coming years.

The How:

How to check your site: You can test your site here:

How to fix this: Once you test your site speed, Google will provide a detailed report on how to fix the issues that are slowing down your site as well as providing a link to share with your current webmaster. The best part, like with most things Google, is that it’s free.

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