2018 Veterinary Marketing Benchmarks // Websites


Veterinary Website Page Speed

8.6 SECS.


The industry slowed by 28% over last year.

2017: 6.65 SECONDS

Average website load time of iVET360 hospitals: 6.6 SECONDS

The What:
How fast does it take for your website to load? The time it takes for your site to be fully functional is a crucial metric for Google when they factor in search rankings. To make matters more difficult, the veterinary industry is very image-driven—meaning, people want to see pictures of joyful vets providing care to very cute pets. These images are one of the culprits of slower-loading websites, therefore a happy-medium must exist between using appropriate imagery and optimizing your website for speed.

Google wants users to get to your site fast and secure, with the most accurate information possible. If your page is slow, your business suffers—the faster your site is, the more this helps you adhere to Google’s rules, therefore improving your visibility. At the current industry average speed of over eight seconds, Google estimates a 29% visitor loss due to loading time.

The How:
How to check your site: You can test your site here: testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com.

How to fix this: Once you test your site speed above, Google will provide a detailed report on how to fix the issues that are slowing down your site as well as providing a link to share with your current webmaster. The best part, like with most things Google, is that it’s free.

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