Yelp Check-In Offers

Yelp Check-In Offers

Industry Average


Of hospitals have a Yelp Check-In offer.

Prior Year Stats

2018: 9.6%

2017: 5%

Industry Notes

Despite a 3% decline over the past year, the industry has still seen an 86% growth over the past two years. 48% of iVET360 clients have Check-In offers.

The What:

When clients use Yelp Check-In at your hospital, they’re essentially broadcasting to their friends that they chose you for their pet’s veterinary needs. This opens up the situation for both digital and person-to-person advertising. To encourage your loyal clients to “check-in,” or report their location, often businesses will digitally offer small discounts, free items or other special deals.

The feature is available both on desktop and with the mobile app, and you can track how many people checked-in as well as how many people redeemed an offer if you have one in place at the time.

Though there was a tiny decline in the numbers for 2019, this feature clearly helps drive reviews for the hospitals that are choosing to take part in this niche feature. The most successful hospitals practice this Yelp feature/hospital deal combination, as seen in the fact that they have over twice as many reviews as those that don’t take part.

The Why:

Hospitals that utilize a Yelp Check-In offer saw a 124 percent increase in number of reviews over those that did not.

The How:

How to set up a Yelp Check-In Offer: First, establish a Check-In Offer with clients, like $5 off an exam, a free nail trim, a free branded frisbee or a small bag of treats they could get from a vendor. Ideally, give away little things you already have around the clinic. Then go to and log in.

Click “Check-In Offers,” and then “Create a Check-In Offer.” Select what type of offer to give—from percent off, price off, fixed price or free item. Add a headline and description details, such as: “Check in at Hospital Name to receive offer.” Click “Create Offer.” Once it has been created, you will see it on the “Check-In Offers” page, which will also show you how many people have checked in and received this offer.

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