2018 Veterinary Marketing Benchmarks // Yelp


Yelp Check-In Offers for Veterinary


of veterinary hospitals HAVE A YELP CHECK-IN OFFER

The industry saw a 92% growth over last year.

2017: 5%

Percentage of iVET360 hospitals using Yelp Check-In offers: 58%

The What:
Yelp Check-In is a smart marketing option that provides incentives to loyal customers to “check in” to your hospital on Yelp. When clients use the check-in feature on the mobile app, this shows their friends that they’re at your business. To encourage these check-ins, businesses can create special offers such as a discounted price, free item or a percentage off to reward client loyalty—these offers can be pretty much anything and they can be added or removed at any time.

Yelp Check-In features measurable results including viewing the number of check-ins to your business and keeping track of the number of redeemed offers. What’s new in 2018 for Yelp Check-In is that it is now available on desktop.

Hospitals that utilize a Yelp Check-In offer also saw a 119 percent increase in the number of reviews over those that did not.

The How:
How to set up a Yelp Check-In Offer: First, establish a Check-In Offer with clients, like $5 off an exam, a free nail trim, a free branded frisbee or a small bag of treats they could get from a vendor. Ideally, give away little things you already have around the clinic. Then go to biz.yelp.com and log in.

Click 'Check-In Offers,' then click 'Create a Check-In Offer.' Select what type of offer to give from percent off, price off, fixed price or free item. Add a headline and add description details such as: Check in at (Hospital Name) to receive (offer). Click 'Create Offer' and once it has been created, you will see it on the 'Check-In Offers' page, which will also show you how many people have checked in and received this offer.

You can also view our step-by-step course here.

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