Metrics without insight are just numbers. Insight tells your story.

Every single day, you run tests and examine data in order to diagnose and treat the animals in your care. Your hospital’s business operations are no different. In order to assess, plan and track your hospital’s overall wellness, you need operating and financial metrics. Most of the metrics you need are already at your disposal in your practice’s management software or financial program. What many veterinarians struggle with is not access to the numbers themselves, but a lack of the time and specialized analytical skills to ensure their hospitals are maximizing this data.

The first step—the foundation—of iVET360’s management system addresses your hospital’s data and our team’s analytical findings with that data. We tabulate and analyze thousands of data points, then we simplify your data so you can see your hospital’s critical performance information on our easy-to-read Dashboards, scorecards, and reports. The iVET360 Analytics Team has developed industry-first analytical reports on cancellation rates, no-shows and other in-depth statistics that directly improve hospital performance. Your Business Analyst will also track, analyze and report on your new client growth (NCG) monthly.

Real-Time Dashboard

See your hospital’s net client growth, changes in revenue and spending from the previous year, compliance reports, four-year historical data trends and new client average spend reports in real time. Your 16 key performance indicators give you a clear look at your hospital’s data, and you’ll always have access to automated reports. See More +

Quickbooks/Financial Software

Easily check on your budget, cashflow, hospital valuation, expense reports and EBITDA at any time. Based on this data, your Analytics Manager will help you create new goals and budgets, if needed.

Improve your veterinary hospital operations and help more pets.