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We keep it simple.

iVET360 helps veterinary hospitals grow. We keep our work simple and to the point, and we designed our brand to reflect that. You’ll hear it in the way we talk, and you’ll see it in the way we look. You might say our brand is our personality, and as such, we like to keep it consistent.

To make that easy, we’ve put together a package for anyone working with the iVET360 brand. It contains all the parts of our brand identity system: product logos, wordmarks and all sizes of our logomark. For rules on how to use them, check out our brand guide.


Our pared-back visual identity emphasizes simple, straight-talking messages and has a graphic look and feel. The wordmark gives the brand a distinctive marque that works on all devices.


iVET360’s voice is inspirational, confident, passionate and fun. Our copy tone speaks to our commitment to providing innovative services that help animal hospitals treat more pets.

Write it.


It’s a capital VET, friend.


Please default to our primary logo (first logo below) before selecting an alternate logo. Use the alternate logos on dark or solid backgrounds and for one-color printing. Now, download the logo files.



Our standard colors here are to be used in most references to iVET360. The other shades are derived from these core colors. Bright shades create extra energy for specific elements, like in hover states and active illustrations. Dark shades create contrast and depth where needed and are used for text when the background is white.

Dark Green

Hex #24A698
RGB 36 | 166 | 152
CMYK 77 | 12 | 48 | 0

Dark Orange

Hex #F15A22
RGB 241 | 90 | 34
CMYK 0 | 80 | 100 | 0

Dark Gray

Hex #333132
RGB 51 | 49 | 50
CMYK 0 | 0 | 0 | 95

Standard Green | Pantone 319U

Hex #36BDB4
RGB 54 | 189 | 180
CMYK 69 | 0 | 36 | 0

Standard Orange | Pantone 130U

Hex #F89621
RGB 248 | 150 | 33
CMYK 0 | 48 | 98 | 0

Standard Gray | Pantone Black 6U

Hex #414142
RGB 65 | 65 | 66
CMYK 68 | 61 | 59 | 46

Light Green

Hex #84CFC6
RGB 132 | 207 | 198
CMYK 47 | 0 | 26 | 0

Light Orange

Hex #F7975B
RGB 247 | 151 | 91
CMYK 0 | 49 | 70 | 0

Light Gray

Hex #4D4D4F
RGB 77 | 77 | 79
CMYK 0 | 0 | 0 | 85


Please treat our brand with the same respect we’d treat yours. Please do not: rotate, compress or stretch our logo, adjust fonts or place our logo or font on a non–brand colored, multicolored or gradient background.

DO NOT rotate the iVET360 logo.
DO NOT compress the iVET360 logo.
DO NOT adjust the fonts or arrangement of elements within the iVET360 logo.
DO NOT stretch the iVET360 logo.
DO NOT place the iVET360 logo on a non-brand colored background.
DO NOT place the iVET360 logo on a multi-colored or gradient background.


We made our own font. It’s tight, clean and simple to go with the rest of our brand identity.


iVET360 PS Condensed

This is our primary font used for all communications to establish brand consistency and hierarchy.


iVET360 PS

This is our primary font to be used in combination with iVET360 PS Condensed to create contrast and hierarchy.


Portraits tell a more intimate, personal story, bringing members of iVET360 to the forefront. Detail photography is used to paint a richer, more distinctive picture of our staff.