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We Work for Pets and Their People

Everything that we do is in the service of animal and human wellness. Our collective goal is to make a real impact in veterinary practices and the team we’ve put together is doing that every day.

Employee Benefits

Mental Health

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  • Check 4-Day Work Week
  • Check Plenty of PTO
  • Check Frequent Check-ins
  • Check Respectful Environment
  • Check Professional Learning Stipend

physical health

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  • Check Full Medical Coverage
  • Check Dental + Vision Coverage
  • Check Remote Work Compatible

spiritual health

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  • Check Mission That Matters
  • Check A Culture of Balance
  • Check Personal + Company Growth
  • Check Team Events You'll Actually Like
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Career growth and learning

At iVET360, we are thrilled to support our employees' career growth by providing exciting opportunities for upskilling and learning. With an annual stipend for professional development, we demonstrate our commitment to investing in our employees' futures, and our high employee satisfaction report shows that this investment pays off. We also prioritize regular and open communication, with monthly one-on-one meetings between managers and employees. This creates a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages feedback and fosters career growth. Our team also benefits from opportunities for cross-functional learning through staff and marketing meetings. These initiatives improve working partnerships and expand employee knowledge and expertise. At iVET360, we believe that our employees' success is our success! We will continue offering resources, opportunities, and a positive culture promoting career development, making iVET360 an awesome workplace.

Work-life balance

We aim to empower our employees and promote a healthy work-life balance by offering a range of stellar perks and benefits, including a 4-day work week. A shortened week and plenty of PTO allow for more free time to pursue personal interests, and our company's mission of positively impacting vet practices and pets helps to give purpose to our work. We create a culture of balance through a respectful environment, plenty of autonomy, and a learning stipend to encourage personal and company growth. We also offer *actually fun* team events that create a sense of community and enjoyment.

Inclusive culture

We are committed to creating a workplace that honors diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we have taken several steps to ensure that all of our employees feel valued and respected. We support accessibility by providing remote work options that accommodate the diverse needs of our team members. We believe that remote work is an essential aspect of creating an inclusive workplace and strive to make it a feasible option for all. We also offer benefits such as Full Medical Coverage, Dental, and Vision Coverage, which provides accessible and inclusive care for every team member. We are proud of our dedicated DEI Committee, which meets regularly to encourage the growth and development of resources and assess ways we can improve as a company. At iVET360, we believe diversity is a strength and are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

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After many years of searching, I've finally found my professional tribe. I've worked in almost every type of business out there - corporate, nonprofit, government and small independent start-ups... and this is by far the best job that I have had. iVET360 is a company of real people, doing real work that really makes a difference in the veterinary industry and for the clients.

The culture at iVET360 is awesome and like nothing I have ever experienced before. Management understands the need for a healthy work/life balance and is very reasonable and flexible. If you're getting your work done and providing value for your clients, they will never question you and definitely don't micromanage.

iVET360 has a casual, flexible work environment that is built upon trust, responsibility, hard work and camaraderie. One of the best things about working here is the nature of the business—it revolves around pets, and as such, we do have pets in the office very often.

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