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Numbers don’t show the pervasive positive impact the iVET360 system has on our client’s practices. We also see our impact through improved hiring and training practices, resulting in increased staff satisfaction and engagement, improved client services processes, resulting in higher client satisfaction and compliance, and deeper understandings of practice data.

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I have loved using iVET360 for help with managing our practice. Ali and Laura are great at problem solving and guiding you in the direction you want you team to go. It's nice to have a reliable team backing you up if you need a little bit of extra help.

Annemarie Pizzi
Practice Manager, Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland
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Every veterinary clinic and hospital will greatly benefit from having iVET360 as part of your team. They are worth their weight in gold. The team will help you understand your business in depth, from finances and analytics, human resources and marketing and advertising. They are a practice owner and practice managers dream. I highly recommend seeing what they can do for your business.

Camille Jackson
Practice Manager, Duvall Veterinary Hospital
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Our management team at iVET360 has been exceptional! We love that they offer the full package of Human Resources, Finance and Marketing. They have helped make our practice more efficient and successful. I have personally reached out to our HR manager, Kyle, on the weekends for ER personnel questions and he has always responded with his helpful advice promptly. Devon has miraculously managed to make budgeting and profit & loss sheets entertaining. Jessica has revamped our website and managed our marketing and online presence. This well-rounded team has helped save us time and money, allowing us to focus more on practicing great medicine and patient care. I cannot recommend them enough!

Sandy M. H.
Business Manager, Lakeview Veterinary Hospital
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I have had the pleasure of working firsthand with several great professionals within iVET360 and would highly recommend their services to any colleague. Our practice has been extremely grateful to Kyle & Heather for their guidance and advice with HR obstacles we've faced as well as finding quality candidates for employment. Brogan and Drew have been a monumental help with ideas for marketing and branding our three separate practices to reflect as one. Lindsay and Oliver have made the financial and accounting aspect painless on grasping and reaching benchmarks that I didn't think was possible 2 years ago. These folks undeniably make my job as a Practice Administrator less stressful!

Nikki Sellers
Practice Manager, Meadowlawn Animal Services
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Incredible team of well-versed professionals. Extremely responsive and so helpful. I wanted to manage my hospital - not analytics or a website. Their analytics are beyond reality. You would think you are their only customer with how fine-tuned everything runs. They took care of the website so I could do my job without concern. I am know to be critical and direct- but this group is above criticism. Thank you Devon and your team!

Susan Kipp
Practice Manager, I-20 Animal Medical Center
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iVET360 has been a great resource for us. We use all three parts: HR, Marketing and Analytics. Tamisha, Kate and Lindsay have helped us take the business to the next level. I highly recommend their services.

Dr. Brian Proffitt
Owner/DVM, Goshen Animal Clinic
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I strongly recommend iVET360 services. Our practice has benefited tremendously from both the analytics and marketing arms. Personal attention to details and overview of the veterinary market has been so helpful. We also had quite a bit of help from iVET360's human resources expertise understanding COVID effects on employment. Overall, each person helped give us the lift we needed to go to the next level.

Dr. Mark Wilson
Owner/DVM, Colleyville Animal Clinic
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Kyle at iVET360 has been a huge help during this very frustrating, stressful year. He has helped guide me and my management team through tough situations. I am so grateful that we partnered with iVET360 and Kyle, one of the best decisions we have made.

Kristin Tenorio
Hospital Administrator, Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic
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I was very hesitant to sign up with iVET360 as a smaller mixed animal practice. My time and investment were well spent. I felt like my needs and concerns were really heard and real solutions were presented. Very happy!

Stephanie Furman
Owner/Practice Manager, The Animal Center
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iVET60 jumped right in and took over our website and had us up and running in a situation where we were in a bind. The service has been wonderful and they really try to take the mass of work off your plate and have you just make approvals. It has been a very good relationship so far and I look forward to continuing to improve our marketing presence with them.

Beth Crosley
Practice Manager, Venice Pines Veterinary Clinic
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I recently started working with iVET360!. I liked that they could help me in various aspects of my business: Marketing, HR and Analytics. Since starting to work with them, Kyle has been ever present and available for numerous questions and needs regarding the HR aspects of the COVID-19 crisis. He has set up weekly meetings to answer my questions and has always been available for "emergency questions". I am so thankful to be working with them during this period in our business! They are definitely well worth it and I highly recommend any veterinary business to work with them!

Paws N Hooves Veterinary Services
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iVET360 has been on our marketing team for over a year. They professionally branded us and strategically marketed in the right direction. They have resources that we have never been disappointed with. Recently we added on their HR resource and it's' been a lifesaver! Kyle always answers and always has the answer! Turnaround time for documents is almost immediate! They regularly check in with me rather than waiting for me the call. I can't say enough about iVET360! They are worth every penny!

Rebekah Arnold
Director Of Operations, Woodland Animal Clinic
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We love iVET360! We have been using them for 5 years and have seen great growth in revenue and new client numbers. I love how helpful the marketing department is in helping us develop ads and our website. They have the best ideas that are easy to implement in our busy practice! The accounting side was instrumental in helping us develop and stick to our budget! They are month to month, which means they do not sign you up and forget about you. The accountability has really been great! We are so thankful to have found them many years ago, they are Awesome!

Dr. Michelle Jude
Owner/DVM, Sheabel Veterinary Hospital
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Opening a new veterinary hospital can be a daunting process, particularly when it comes to marketing and advertising. The team at iVET360 has been absolutely essential to our success and growth. With their guidance and expertise, we have developed an amazing reputation and presence in our community. They are worth every penny!

Delaney Davis
Owner/Practice Manager, Roseway Veterinary Hospital
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We couldn't be happier with our service. They are so helpful, fast, and just generally on top of it. DEFINITELY worth it. We have made so many great changes within our company with the help of Heather and Oliver. HUGE THANK YOU!

Thurman Veterinary Center
via google reviews

These guys are the best of the best! I have used many other companies through the years and paid a lot more money yet they were much less effective. What I like best about them is they never approached my business with a cookie cutter system. It was highly customized for my business. Their results have been spectacular. I can't say enough good things about this company!

Dr. Mauri Karger
Owner/DVM, I-20 Animal Medical Center
via google reviews

iVET360 is an AWESOME group of professionals dedicated to helping veterinary businesses succeed. I greatly enjoy my weekly calls with their team. My new business has flourished with their guidance. Their skills in website design, marketing, benchmarking, budgeting and staff development are priceless! I highly recommend this company!

Dr. Ashley Robertson
Owner/DVM, Meadowmont Animal Hospital
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We love working with iVET360! Ever since partnering with them several years ago, our hospital has been elevated to the next level. Laura, Steven and Devon are friendly, personable and very knowledgeable about each of their specialized fields. We can’t recommend them enough to other hospitals—the investment is 100% worth it!

Charlene Schaper
Practice Manager, Middlehope Veterinary Hospital
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The iVET360 team has been wonderful to work with! They have helped our clinic grow in so many ways and there is still some much to learn! I highly recommend this service.

Jonie Tuttle
Practice Manager, Lake Pine Animal Hospital
via google reviews

Great company, great people! We are a small, busy clinic, and iVET360 has been indispensable for our marketing strategy. They expertly guided us through our re-branding, beautifully revamped our website, and have been a great resource for us for all of our various projects. Kate especially has always responded quickly to any questions, and I look forward to our regular marketing calls. We highly recommend iVET360!

Dr. Gary Wood
Owner/DVM, Cardiology Northwest
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Our practice has used iVET360 for a few years now. We absolutely LOVE them. I have weekly calls with them to go over HR, marketing and finances. If you are at all skeptical I would advise just trying them... you can always cancel if you don't like it. I was skeptical at first, but I can now say the company and the people are awesome. It is nice to have a consultant always available to help and guide me through any issues that pop up.

Dr. Melinda Striyle
Owner/DVM, 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital
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Working with iVET360 allowed us to increase our new clients, our revenue, and best of all, better control our expenses. I highly recommend this company.

Dr. Violet Nix
Owner/DVM, Chateau Veterinary Hospital
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