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Animal Hospital SEO & SEM

Reputation Management

Reputation management is an important task in the social media and digital marketing universe. With our services, we will help your practice establish a positive, helpful and active online presence where we will respond to Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews in a manner which reflects your hospital’s voice.

Give your hospital an active, inviting online persona.

Facebook, Google and Yelp (to name a few) all have public outlets where anybody with an account can write about their experience with your practice. These comments can range from reviews to questions about your services—they can also include personal experiences that clients had at your hospital.

When people are looking for a veterinarian online, these social media sites often appear in searches, where their comments are available for anyone to see. By responding to these postings in a prompt, helpful and accurate manner, you are showing your prospective and current clientele that your veterinary hospital has an engaging online personality that will go the extra mile to ensure that all experiences are positive

How Can iVET360 Help Your Practice’s Reputation Management?

We know that working at a veterinary hospital requires busy, day-to-day customer-facing work—that’s why we offer reputation management services so you can focus on the important task of helping animals.

Our team of marketing managers and copywriters will address and reply to online dialogue in a voice that stays true to your practice, to help enhance your digital persona. This includes responding to positive and negative reviews—in our process, we analyze all feedback and gather additional information from your hospital before we decide on a course of action.

After careful examination, the responses we compose are prompt, respectful and informative, and we do the dirty work of monitoring and replying to unfair and inaccurate reviews to keep your reputation intact.

Improve your veterinary hospital operations and help more pets.