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Case Study

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  • Location: Northeastern US
  • Business Model: General small animal practice
  • Goals: Improve team morale and increase engagement
  • Onboarding with iVET360 HRT: March 2022
  • Small Animal (Dogs & Cats)


Our Analysis

Background & Challenges

In spring 2022, the iVET360 team began working with a veterinary practice that was facing some big challenges after being in business for many years. Our HR pros love tough situations - they let us really make a difference! When we first surveyed the staff, we found low engagement and urgency around improving leadership and workplace culture. So, within just four weeks, we created an action plan to spark a major positive turnaround.

We set our sights on establishing more regular check-ins to better engage with the team. The revealing survey data backed this direction: happiness scores plateaued at a dangerously low mark - 75% highlighted inconsistent performance standards as an issue, 69% noted poor training for new hires, and there were major teamwork issues between departments. Also, morale was moderate to low overall, with little empowerment for staff to make meaningful decisions or take ownership of care goals.

Our vision was to transform the hospital's environment into one with open collaboration, where everyone feels valued, and leaders effectively support the teams. Our focus was going to address immediate problems while cultivating an energizing, sustainable work culture moving forward.

Our Analysis

It was clear this well-established hospital needed more structure around accountability and empowering staff. With leadership quite set in their ways after many years, getting full buy-in across the board would be key.

When staff are vocal about needing more from leadership, we make it a priority to step in as an external resource, ensuring follow-through. Within a month, we developed and implemented a comprehensive action plan to tackle these systemic issues. Our approach targeted both immediate fixes and instilling a deeper sense of direction and purpose over the long haul.

As their first homework assignment, we had the team start crafting mission and culture statements. These reflective exercises get people thinking about how current realities do or don't align with intended core values and aspirations. Our goal is to spark introspection and unity around what the organization could achieve with more engaged, empowered teams. This forms the foundation needed to catalyze positive change.

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Lack of standardized performance


Inefficient problem-solving


Poor new hire training


Teamwork challenges within Departments


Teamwork challenges across departments


Moderate hospital morale


limited empowerment in decision-making


Low commitment to care goals



  • On the culture side, we revisited the mission, values, and vision - and, even more importantly, figured out how to weave them into everyday operations. We updated the employee handbook, training programs, and other key materials, breathing life into these core principles. This move ensured that they were no longer just talking points without substance. Now, the staff could see and feel these principles in action, truly living them in their work.
  • A big focus was enhancing leadership and team accountability through regular one-on-one coaching and check-ins. By improving communication rhythms and providing consistent feedback, issues can surface early, and teams can self-correct. The staff were clearly not aligned in how they approached problems and did their jobs, so we implemented mandatory training across the board to establish a standard level of knowledge. We also introduced a formal process for solving issues that every team member has to follow. It walks through addressing problems step-by-step, focusing on integrity, ethics, and solving the root cause. Now, everyone has the same foundation of skills and tools, and they have a process for working through challenges early and with transparency. This levels the playing field so people can understand and respect where each other is coming from when problems happen. As with most issues in life, most stem from misalignment and lack of communication. But with consistent rules of engagement and training, the team dynamic shifts overnight.
  • On top of these foundational fixes, the continuous check-ins ensured that all team members were informed, aligned, and had regular opportunities for direct feedback. The point of all this was tending to the environment daily so high personal and cultural standards feel effortless. Feeling 'in the loop' sparks that sweet spot between ownership and confidence where motivation flows, and we know that's when the magic happens!


In a remarkable turnaround, iVET360's strategies brought transformative results to the veterinary practice within a year. By January 2023, the practice won the prestigious local 'Favorite Neighborhood award and saw great gains on key indicators. Talk about a glow-up! Team performance, client satisfaction, and workplace culture all took notable leaps forward, and the positive changes have been well embraced by staff.

These accomplishments reflect our commitment at iVET360 to pursue excellence and innovation that transcends quick fixes. Our dynamic team has a knack for quickly identifying hang-ups behind the scenes and then developing custom solutions to address them. This successful partnership is proof positive that with the right dream team behind you, the sky's the limit. If your veterinary practice is ready to embark on an uplifting journey of transformation, let's connect! We can't wait to see the heights we'll reach together.


Employee Happiness Score


Teamwork within departments improved by 108.3%


Teamwork across the hospital improved by 93%


Job Satisfaction improved by 43.9%


Employee Happiness Score increased by 52.8%


Standards of Performance and Attitude improved by 12.5%


Feedback from Leaders improved by 67.8%


Likelihood to Recommend scores for Employment increased by 23.4%


Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorites Award


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