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Case Study

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  • Opening Date: July 17th, 2023
  • Location: Downtown Sacramento, CA
  • Business Model: General small animal practice, Fear Free certified, catering to a younger, millennial demographic
  • Team: 2 Full-Time DVMs, with ongoing recruitment for a 3rd
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday
  • Initial Revenue: $680K in 4.5 months, projected to surpass $800K by year-end


Our Analysis

Background & Challenges

Sactown Vet, a de novo practice, faced the daunting task of establishing itself in a competitive market with over a dozen rivals within a 1.5-mile radius. The practice began in an empty Downtown Sacramento location. The owner's vision was to not only enhance the practice’s image and revenue but also to achieve this without resorting to new patient discounts or offers. The owner's attention to detail and specific design preferences posed an additional challenge.

Our Analysis

To realize this owner's vision for his practice would require utilizing all of iVET360’s marketing expertise. We needed to focus on creating a brand identity consistent with the owner's vision and the target audience. The journey began with a creative reimagining of the logo, setting the tone for our brand's revitalization. Central to our strategy was the emphasis on brand recognition and reputation building. Understanding the fast-paced environment of Downtown Sacramento, we prioritized making our services highly accessible. Demonstrating availability became a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that Sactown Vet was equipped to offer same-day, next-day, and walk-in appointments. This focus was instrumental in attracting and retaining a steady stream of clients. Every step taken by the iVET360 team was crafted to establish Sactown Vet as a thriving and widely recognized veterinary practice in the heart of Sacramento. Our efforts were not just about making a mark but about creating a lasting impression and a sustainable model for success.

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  • Branding: Developed a new identity, logo, and branding aligned with the target audience of young, urban professionals. The logo incorporated "The Grid," a nod to Downtown Sacramento.
  • Marketing Materials: Created a complete start-up package, including name badges, flyers, business cards, and multiple logo versions.
  • Online Presence: Implemented a robust strategy with a monthly budget of $700 for Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Developed a new, highly functional, and easily navigable website.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraged the team to network with local practices and ERs for referrals and introductions.


In just five months, iVET360's collaboration with Sactown Vet achieved remarkable results, reaching the 12-month revenue target in under half the expected time. This rapid growth led to the expansion of the veterinary team, with a second DVM hired just two months after launch and a third by the fifth month. The success was mirrored in client satisfaction, which soared to an impressive 4.9 out of 5 from the first 40 genuine client reviews. iVET360 and Sactown Vet see these achievements as stepping stones to further growth and innovation. Our team's proactive approach and swift adaptation to challenges have been crucial in delivering these outstanding results. We're not just responding to challenges; we're preemptively tackling them, constantly refining our strategies to achieve swift and noteworthy successes.


Over 200% Faster Revenue Achievement: Surpassed 12-month revenue target in just five months.


90% Client Satisfaction: Rated 4.9/5 from the first 40 client reviews.


Veterinary Team Growth - Including a third DVM added by the 5th month.

+ 18%

18% Revenue Growth: $680K earned in 4.5 months, with a forecast to surpass $800K by year-end.


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