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Case Study

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  • Practice Name: Bayview Veterinary Center
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Business Model: General small animal practice with a high-end approach.
  • Goals: Establish a strong brand identity and quickly generate high revenue
  • Opening Date: December 4th, 2023
  • iVET360 Onboarding Date: Onboarding on August 7th, 2023


Our Analysis

Background & Challenges

Launched in December 2023, Bayview Veterinary Center is a de novo practice just 10 minutes north of Downtown San Diego, near Pacific Beach. Starting from scratch in a competitive area with numerous other veterinarians nearby, our challenge was to develop a distinct brand identity that reflected the owners' vision and the modern, upscale facility. Despite the existing competition and without an initial offer of discounts or promotions, our goal was to carve out a unique position in the market from the very start.

Our Analysis

The iVET360 team developed a strategy centered on building a powerful brand identity and a holistic marketing approach. This strategy was tailored to set the practice apart in San Diego's crowded market. The focus was on developing a distinctive visual brand that resonated with the practice's target demographic. The plan was to integrate the modern and recognizable identity across various marketing channels, both online and in person. This comprehensive approach aimed to emphasize accessibility and community involvement, ultimately positioning Bayview Veterinary Center as a top choice for pet owners seeking exceptional, convenient veterinary care.

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  • Our strategy involved a multifaceted approach aimed at elevating the Bayview brand through intentionality and creativity. We developed a cohesive brand identity that was sleek, modern, and minimalistic. Bayview came to us with an existing logo, challenging our iVET360 design team to adapt our brand guidelines to their established visual identity. Rising to the occasion, our talented designers carefully studied Bayview's logo and vision to effectively communicate their unique values and upscale environment. By skillfully incorporating the logo into a cohesive, high-end design, we created a polished and sophisticated visual identity that seamlessly integrates Bayview's original logo with our refined design elements, reflecting their premium services and facilities.
  • Our creative team launched Bayview's website months before the hospital's grand opening, offering the San Diego community an early glimpse of the new brand. The brand-forward website is designed to narrate Bayview's story through engaging custom content and interactive elements while facilitating easy navigation and booking—an iVET360 standard.
  • We initiated a robust Google Ads campaign with a strategically allocated monthly budget of $700, targeting a highly competitive market. This campaign is designed to maximize visibility and attract immediate bookings, driving both new and repeat business to Bayview Veterinary Center.
  • To establish a strong local presence, the Bayview team was directed to establish connections with local ERs, pet groomers, and specialists to facilitate referrals. Leveraging social media for increased visibility, participating in community events, and implementing a proactive review management strategy further positioned Bayview as a trusted resource in the veterinary community.


Within just four months of opening, Bayview Veterinary Center achieved remarkable success, with significant revenue generation through our marketing initiatives. Plus, they saw a very positive response from the community, maintaining a perfect 5/5 client satisfaction rating from its initial clientele. These impressive results are a testament to the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. This successful launch positions Bayview Veterinary Center for continued growth and establishes it as a trusted leader in San Diego's competitive veterinary market.


Total Revenue


Average Transaction Value


New Clients Acquired


Total Transactions



  • Click-through rate (CTR) of 8% between January and April - significantly exceeding industry averages.
  • Impressive conversion rate of 13% from clicks to booked appointments- A huge accomplishment in a saturated market.
  • Generated at least $30K in verified revenue with a $2,000 ad spend, resulting in a phenomenal 1,400% ROI. This highlights the effectiveness of strategic ad placement and messaging tailored to Bayview's target audience.
  • Helped management team instill a culture of “YES!” in the practice.

"iVET360 is the BEST thing that could have ever happened to our veterinary practice! My business partner and I were faced with the challenge of starting a brand new veterinary practice in a busy veterinary market in San Diego. Several months before opening the practice, we elected to sign up for the marketing and HR services that iVET360 offers. From the beginning, we have worked closely with Sebastien Aoudia (Marketing), Megan Hughes (Marketing), and Megan McGrew (HR). All three individuals listened to our needs and desires for our new practice and helped us achieve success from the very beginning! We continue to use their services and are so grateful for all of their expertise they have been able to provide us with. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. THANK YOU iVET360!!! We cannot recommend them enough!"

-Dr. Daniel Allen, Co-Owner, Bayview Veterinary Center

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