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2019 Veterinary Marketing Benchmark Report

2019VMBR-Cover-BooksAlong with providing quality, trusting care, a large part of a veterinary hospital’s success lies in its ability to exude a strong, well-functioning and modern digital presence. In this day and age, every veterinary practice should obviously have a website—however, having a functional website is only the first step to take in order to create an all-encompassing marketing plan that pays off.

Is your veterinary hospital up-to-date on crucial matters like SSL certification, Page Speed or Google Ads, or is it meeting the industry benchmarks for the number of online reviews across Google, Yelp, Facebook and Nextdoor? On top of that, is your marketing provider constantly seeking out new avenues to increase your virtual stronghold?

To benchmark the industry and its use of best practices, we have once again analyzed the digital presence of 1,000 accredited hospitals around the country in all 50 states and compiled approximately 37,000 data points along with year-over-year growth rates.

The overarching theme of this study measures veterinary hospitals and whether they are adhering to the recommended best practices set forth by the major marketing players. Our data reveals that if your practice has taken advantage of these mostly free techniques, you will experience success. In other words, if you pay attention to something, it will get better.

This bias-free study is the largest, most comprehensive and most in-depth digital marketing study ever completed in the veterinary field. All checkpoints were based on yes or no questions. We used only facts to build this study—no judgments.

In 2017, we created the Veterinary Marketing Benchmark Report, which was nationally circulated. We continued this annual tradition last year (2018) and are now pleased to present the 2019 Veterinary Marketing Benchmark Report with new and updated statistics. We are sharing this valuable information to show all veterinary hospitals where they currently stand and what they need to look for when selecting a marketing provider.

Report Highlights



Have The Basic SEO Components Installed On Their Website



Average Number of Reviews on Google



Have Verified Their Facebook Page



Average Number of Reviews on Yelp



Have Claimed Their Nextdoor Listing

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