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This is All About Following Your Doctors’ Orders…and Making Sure They’re Educating Your Clients About All You Have to Offer.

This really isn’t about whether or not your DVMs are good salespeople—no one wants vets who diagnose the client’s wallet instead of the pet. Your doctors are the experts. Meeting production goals means that they’re focusing on the best medicine by informing pet owners of exactly what their pet needs for optimum health and then letting them decide what they want to spend on their animal’s health.


Service Overview

DVM Analytics

We’ll monitor production metrics from both a standard of care perspective as well as from the standpoint of revenue and margin contributions. We can show you how your doctors are performing against themselves month-to-month, against your other DVMs, and as compared to similar practices across the country.

The Difference

iVET360 has developed a constructive doctor compliance analysis that allows us to identify production champions and also how they’re doing it. That way, you can help other members of your team increase performance. Also important: with our DVM analytics you’ll be able to know right away how well your new DVM hires are doing in this aspect of their jobs.

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In 2023, the Average Transaction Charge (ATC) was up 8.3%, continuing the trend of pet parents spending more per visit. See how ATC compares to overall transactions in our free benchmark report.

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