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Knowledge is Power

Curious about how your practice fared in comparison with others during the fiscal firestorm that was 2020? This report, which combines the operational and financial data of hundreds of small and large practices with expert analysis from our experienced analytics team, provides a deep-diving and comprehensive portrait of the veterinary industry at a time of dramatic change. Read on for low-down on the year of masking up and going curbside.

Month Over Month Change (2019-2020)

The Industry: By the Numbers

One thing we’ve learned in more than six years of analyzing both granular and big picture data from independent veterinary practices all over the U.S. is that the numbers don’t lie. Instead, they tell an important and too often overlooked story about the intricacies of hospital performance, presenting us with the priceless opportunity to help practices like yours adapt to and even anticipate marketplace trends and, as a result, thrive like never before.


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