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Just Like a Nice Lawn, Social Media Requires Care and Feeding if it’s Going to Bring the Green.

An active social media presence is really more of a necessity than an option these days, and our Marketing Manages recommend not only that you be active on Facebook, but also Instagram, Yelp, Nextdoor, and of course, Google. Managing your social media does require time, attention, and some skill to curate content, as well as to respond to posts, questions and reviews. It’s an invaluable resource for education and for helping you spread the word about what you’re doing, what you can offer, and for attracting new clients while you stay engaged with your current ones.


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Social Media

iVET360’s Marketing Managers generally recommend Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor pages for all veterinary hospitals, as these social media sites tend to reach the most pet owners. We link your veterinary hospital’s social media pages to your website so your clients can easily find you on social sites and stay connected to you. We’ll also make sure your Yelp page and Google Knowledge Panel are current and maximized for promoting hospital updates and promotions to increase search awareness and entice clients.

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When it comes to digital marketing, how will clients find you if you’re not there? Your local listings—meaning any online business listing that provides the public with information about your practice, such as search engines and social media—are like the internet “Yellow Pages”. However, listings such as Google Business Profile, Yelp, and social media pages require care and feeding, not just the one-time filling out of your name, address, phone number, and website URL. Google rewards activity with better placement on search engine results, so keeping your local listings current and engaging is crucial to ensuring your potential and current clients find you. Our knowledgeable Marketing Managers will help stay on top of this for you and ensure all of your listings are not only claimed, but accurate and branded to your practice.

Social Media Superstars

In addition to making sure your pages are updated and branded, we can provide you with social media content at your request and tailored to your veterinary hospital’s voice. This content attracts new and existing clients by speaking to pet owners in your area and sharing information that is useful to them. Our developers and designers also work together to create infographics, posts, images, and other relevant materials so you’re never short on great professional content to share with your audience.

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