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Veterinary Recruiting Training


“Warm body syndrome” is a common, yet toxic problem in veterinary hospitals. We are often willing to overlook red flags in an attempt to fill a position quickly. When we don’t ask the right questions, don’t perform working interviews or background checks, and don’t have current job descriptions, the practice risks making toxic hires that ruin culture, affect patient care, and harm client service.

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Recruiting Case Study

Case Background and Challenges

This west coast practice was struggling to find candidates for their open RVT, CSR and DVM positions, despite these jobs appearing on some career websites for approximately 60 days. The ads that they had used were very brief, with generic information regarding the position and the hospital. There was virtually nothing enticing about the posting—it stated the basic facts, with little details highlighting the practice’s culture and location.

Fun Facts

  • $1.5–3M annual revenue
  • 6 DVMs
  • 1 location practice on the West Coast
  • Open 6 days a week
  • Specializes in small animals and exotics
“This may sound odd, but in our current economy we thought we would be weeding out hundreds of candidates for our job openings. This obviously was not the case, and we were almost forced to hire three non-qualified applicants until someone recommended iVET360 to us. The new job ad they came up with really, really emphasized our culture and great location, which was essential in attracting the right kind of person to work here.”


It’s easy to believe that in order to make the perfect hire, all you need to do is post an available job and wait as the high-quality candidates will come flocking. It’s crucial to realize that, in an already difficult hiring environment, if you take your time and publish a well-crafted and appealing job posting, you will beckon the stellar candidates you want.


iVET360 wholeheartedly understands the importance of building an outstanding team to fit your company’s culture. Having a staff with a positive attitude, strong work ethic and good teamwork skills will create an atmosphere where these traits are contagious, while these habits will positively reflect your practice in the minds of clients and pets. Our HR and Training Manager took a deep dive into this hospital and their methods of recruitment, and one of the first steps we took was revamping the job ads for each open position.

Working with our in-house copywriters, we completely redid this practice’s job postings, and rather than just filling in the necessary information, we partnered together to take an in-depth look at this hospital’s culture, location, and employee benefits. We then researched comparable hospitals to figure out what made this practice stand out from the rest. This information-gathering helped us to create a personalized, energetic and inviting job ad that highlighted not only what this candidate could give to the hospital, but rather what the hospital could give to the candidate, as well.

Along with developing a strong job description, we looked to our Finance and Analytics Manager at iVET360. This individual worked with the practice owner to determine a sign-on bonus for the positions, so they could remain competitive with nearby hospitals while staying within their labor cost budget. Once this information was added to the job posting, the ads were shown on multiple local and national job boards, as well as on tech schools and familiar places like the AVMA, CVMA, and AAHA. We then helped this practice bump the ads to the top of certain websites, to make sure they were on the radar of more candidates.

We finally worked with the practice’s leadership team to streamline their interview questions in order to better assess behaviors that would coincide with the hospital’s culture. We also ensured the questions were within legal compliance regarding federal guidelines from the EEOC, and for state guidelines like this particular state’s salary history ban law.


After this practice worked with iVET360’s HR and Training Manager to assess their hospital and their needs, the constant and constructive interactions ultimately paid off. Within the first week of the new and improved ads being posted, they had hundreds of applicants for the three positions. After six weeks, all three jobs were eventually filled with high-quality candidates that were not just looking for a way to pay the bills—they were there because they wanted to take the next step in their careers and knew this hospital was where they would be able to flourish.

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