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Veterinary Hospital Call Tracking

Call Tracking

With call tracking, we can check the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. It also lets us identify places to improve employee training, so phone calls turn into scheduled appointments more often.

Find out what’s actually bringing new clients to your veterinary hospital.

With call tracking, we can find out exactly how effective your marketing initiatives are. We place special call tracking numbers on every piece of marketing collateral we create for you, from email newsletters to websites to direct mail like new resident mailers. Call tracking lines direct straight to your regular line, so you get all calls as usual—plus we get valuable insights into your marketing and scheduling success.

How does call tracking help veterinary hospitals?

When someone calls a call tracking line, not only is that call recorded, but it is also added to a tally of how many people called that particular phone number. Because every marketing piece has a different call tracking number, this tally shows us exactly which marketing initiative worked to get that client to call you. These numbers are invaluable for helping your iVET360 Marketing Manager see which marketing efforts are working to attract new and current clients.

Call tracking has another major benefit for veterinary hospitals. When calls are recorded, your HR & Training Advisor can listen to them with you and get a better understanding of how you’re doing with appointment opportunities. So not only can you learn how many people called, you can also see how many calls went unanswered and what people did when you answered those calls.

This is particularly useful when looking at appointment conversions. When someone calls your veterinary hospital and doesn’t schedule an appointment, it’s worth finding out why. While it could be that they were just calling for an answer to a simple question, it’s possible they intended to make an appointment but weren’t asked—or decided not to because of how the call went. Your Hr & Training Advisor can train your team on best phone practices to boost these conversion numbers if needed. That way, more phone calls turn into appointments at your veterinary clinic.

Basically, if a new client calls you, but you don’t turn their call into an appointment, that veterinary marketing initiative that got them to call doesn’t increase your revenue. Boosting these numbers is a project for your whole veterinary hospital, and it all starts with call tracking numbers.

Call tracking is included in both of iVET360’s service levels: Base and Base Plus.

Improve your veterinary hospital operations and help more pets.