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Client Referrals

Get people talking.

Your current, beloved clients are your biggest fans. And when your clients love you, they tell the world about you. Client referrals can increase loyalty and new client growth, especially when coupled with well-designed materials.

Veterinary Client Referrals

iVET360 helps your star clients tell their friends and families about how well you care for their pets with our client referral card program. It gives the clients who love your practice a proactive way to use their high praises, and it turns their positive words into new clients. Many veterinary hospitals use versions of this program currently, but we’ve updated it to make it even more successful. Client referral cards are included with both of iVET360’s service levels: Base and Base Plus.

Designing Veterinary Client Referral Cards

Instead of using standard thin paper, we use plastic to create these client referral cards. The weight of the plastic implies more inherent value than paper, and because of this, the cards are less likely to be thrown out or lost.

But the most important aspect is the offer you provide on the card. Instead of offering a free first exam or a discount on your veterinary services, the card offers the potential new client a $25 gift card to one of three companies. We recommend providing varied options that appeal to many different types of clients. Your iVET360 Marketing Manager works with you and our creative team to design cards that are branded to your hospital and that catch the eye—so those potential new clients call the number on the back to schedule an appointment at your veterinary clinic.

There are a lot of ways to pass along these cards. Generally, the most successful method is handing them out to current clients who are clear about their love for you and asking them to hand them out to their pet-owning friends and family. You can even incentivize your current clients with these and give them a credit on their account for every new client who comes in from their referral.

You can also connect with local pet-related businesses and ask them to display the cards for their customers to see. This is a great idea if you already partner with a local pet store near your veterinary hospital.

When a new client comes to their first appointment with one of these cards, the exchange is simple. Once they pay for their new client exam, they can swap the client referral card for a gift card. It’s a win-win: the new client gets a bonus with their great veterinary care, and you get an excellent new client.

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