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We Can Show You Who’s in the Driver’s Seat of Your Practice Performance. More Importantly, We Can Tell You Why.

Yes, you can use your hospital’s PIMS system or contract for a dashboard that shows you raw data about your practice’s expenses and revenue streams, but that’s where it ends when you travel this route. Supporting data that would tell you the actual cause of those numbers—and how to correct the ones that aren’t where they should be—isn’t readily available. The other problem? Raw data is often full of anomalies and one-offs that skew your perception so you end up with inaccurate conclusions…and ultimately at the wrong destination.


Service Overview

KPI Trends

We’ll provide you with an up-to-the-minute look at your expenses and revenue generators and then discuss what the numbers are really saying about your practice’s financial health. Our Business Analysts can tell you the story behind these expense and revenue performance indicators and help you figure out not only why the numbers are the way they are, but what to do about the ones that are less than stellar.

The Difference

Your personal Business Analyst is here to answer your questions and give you the immediate insight you need. Are you not selling product? If not, why? Do you have a DVM that’s not selling or one that exceeds expectations? What are you spending money on that maybe isn’t serving your bottom line? We have those answers.

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In 2022, the Average Transaction Charge (ATC) was up 10.6%, meaning that pet parents were spending a lot more per visit than they had been in recent years.

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