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Help New Neighbors with Pets Find the Perfect Vet: You!

When people move, they’re usually quick to find the closest places with good coffee and good pizza. When a pet owner moves, one of their priorities is finding a good vet. Usually the move has overwhelmed them with expenses and decisions, and this is one of those cases where direct mail really works—especially if you make it easy to find your practice and risk-free to give you a try.

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Service Overview

Stand Out From The Crowd

Your Marketing Manager works with you and our creative department to design a postcard that best matches your hospital’s voice and brand. Our direct mail marketing pieces are then printed on oversized postcards so they stand out against all other mail. We also recommend offering a free first exam on your direct mail marketing pieces. This offer consistently brings in the most new clients—and contrary to what you might believe, our data shows that over time, the number of increased clients and increased revenue as a result of this offer far exceeds any lost revenue from the exam.

your creative team

Your iVET360 Marketing Manager and our creative team will help you develop this visual identity by asking you questions about your current logo and brand. We’ll also ask about the characteristics of your veterinary hospital that you want to be most prominent. We tie the visual aspects of your hospital into every piece of marketing we create for you, so it’s important for us to get this right. That way, all outreach materials speak to who you are. What makes your veterinary hospital unique and superior to the other clinics in your area? Do you want to seem more medical and clean, or more energetic and playful? Do you want specific animals in your logo or no animals at all?

Mail-Order New Client Growth

We place a call tracking phone number on the postcards so we can tell you exactly how many clients came in because of your new resident mailers and what those clients purchased when they were at your veterinary hospital. Because we have an in-house creative department, our mailers are custom to your practice branding and not cookie-cutter creations that will end up as coasters. We do recommend sending these every 60 to 90 days, as we’re a country always on the move—this way, you’re always attracting pet owners who are new to your area.

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