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Help your clients find you.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) improve your veterinary hospital’s visibility on search engines, helping the people in your market find you—before they find your competitors.

Animal Hospital SEO & SEM

Veterinary SEO

SEO involves incorporating important keywords—like “veterinary,” “animals” and “pets”—into your website content so your veterinary hospital’s website ranks higher in Google searches for these terms. iVET360’s content developers work with your Marketing Manager to write veterinary copy that engages pet owners while boosting your SEO rankings. We use Moz to check SEO, and your Marketing Manager will check these rankings before each call with you. We evaluate these rankings constantly so we can adjust your SEO as needed and keep your clinic at the top.

Veterinary SEM

google-partnerSEM involves placing ads on search engines to ensure your veterinary hospital appears on relevant searches. Google AdWords, Google’s advertising platform, allows more clients to find your veterinary hospital through ads placed on related keyword and location-based searches. To encourage effective use of AdWords, Google created a partnership program that recognizes businesses that take the time to become certified in AdWords. iVET360 is proud to be a Google Partner. This means our veterinary SEM meets all of Google’s requirements for certification and utilizes their best practices.

iVET360’s clients see returns of ten times their investment on veterinary SEM campaigns, which is well above the industry standard of three to seven times investment. It’s a simple, straightforward way to bring more clients in the door.

Veterinary SEO and SEM services are available from iVET360 through both of our service levels: Base and Base Plus.

Improve your veterinary hospital operations and help more pets.