The well-being of your hospital and staff is our highest priority. View our extensive COVID-19 resource website here.

To help the industry in this time of uncertainty, we are giving every hospital three months free of PULSE to ensure they know and understand their hospital numbers. We’re hoping that this will allow you to take a deeper dive into understanding the true health of your business.

Pulse by iVET360

Real-time practice insights.

Use Pulse to monitor your business so you can make smarter decisions about marketing, operations, and employee management.


  • Save significant time with centralized reporting of operating and financial data immediately available (24/7). Eliminates the need for creating and pulling various reports by hand.
  • Have access to a comprehensive set of online training videos on how to use Pulse, which performance metrics truly count, what target ranges they should be at or near, and specific steps you can take to improve them.
  • Receive a comprehensive benchmark data report. How does your hospital compare to similar hospitals?
  • Increase your effectiveness by being a data-driven decision maker.
  • Enhance your value to team and owner by understanding and sharing critical practice performance data.


  • Quick snapshot of your operational and financial data including, Revenue, Transactions, New Clients, ATC, Gross Profit, and Net Profit
  • Provider Analysis reporting for tracking performance and providing coaching
  • Net Client Tracking for gaining new clients and keeping existing ones
  • Revenue Mix Reporting to better manage Fees and COGS
  • iVET360 Benchmark reporting so you can compare and see how hospitals like yours are doing
  • Pulse Executive Dashboard
  • Pulse Providers Tab
  • Pulse Hospital Tab
  • Pulse Clients Tab
  • Pulse Revenue Tab
  • Pulse Benchmark

We analyze your data down to the details of each individual transaction, then Pulse shows this data as 16 key performance indicators (KPIs), highlighting your hospital’s trends, baselines, and benchmarks.