Analytics Dashboard

Real-time practice insights.

iVET360’s proprietary dashboard, called Pulse, shows you the data behind your hospital’s operations and financial performance. This tool is available 24/7 from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

We analyze your data down to the details of each individual transaction, then Pulse shows this data as 16 key performance indicators (KPIs), highlighting your hospital’s trends, baselines and benchmarks. You can track historical trends over different time periods, variance to previous year in revenue and spending, the average amount your new clients spend and compliance reports. Coupled with our financial software, you can track your budget, cashflow, EBITDA and hospital valuation.

With Pulse, you can easily visualize and keep track of how you’re measuring up to your budgets, goals and other similar veterinary hospitals. Pulse is an industry first, providing you action-oriented, forward-looking and proactive data. If you work with us at the Base+ Service Level, your iVET360 Analytics Manager will closely monitor your progress and will analyze this data even further, helping you set new hospital goals and budgets if needed.

iVET360 Analytics Dashboard
Improve your veterinary hospital operations and help more pets.