Veterinary Recruiting

Don’t just hire someone who is “good enough.” Hire someone great.

Hiring new staff takes time, which most veterinary hospital owners and veterinary practice managers don’t have in excess. When hiring gets too overwhelming, many veterinary hospitals end up suffering from “warm-body syndrome,” meaning they hire the first person who seems okay for the position just to finish the process. More often than not, this either results in high turnover for that position or dissatisfaction on your end or the employee’s end.

iVET360 simplifies the hiring process for you. We take the hiring burden off your shoulders, letting you focus on what’s most important: providing great client service and taking care of pets.

Culture Assessment

When you first start using iVET360’s recruitment services, your Staff Development Manager and our recruiting team work with you on a culture assessment. We ask questions about your veterinary hospital’s management style and the personalities of your other staff members and your clients, and we ask what exactly you’re looking for, personality-wise, in your new hire.

We also ask about landmarks and activities in your veterinary hospital’s neighborhood, which are especially important when you’re looking for a new DVM.

The culture assessment helps us find you new employees who won’t just be excellent at their jobs but who will also mesh perfectly with your company’s culture.

Unique Job Postings

Using your culture assessment and the position’s requirements, we create your job posting. We can work with an existing ad if you have one, or we can start from scratch. We tailor these postings to your veterinary hospital’s voice and personality, so these ads are never bland. They are always reflections of your hospital.

Reputable Job Boards

We post job advertisements to every reputable online job search site, including Indeed, Glassdoor, VetQuest, LinkedIn Jobs and Craigslist. For DVM positions, we also post to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s job board, state veterinary medical association job boards and job boards at reputable veterinary colleges. We also source candidates for DVM positions, meaning we search job boards for candidates who fit your criteria and add them to the pool.

Candidate-Friendly Application System

Candidates apply through our candidate-friendly application and tracking system, and every person who applies, even if they are eliminated in the first round, receives at least two emails from us. Studies have shown that 40% of candidates who never hear from a company regarding an application never apply to that company again.

We keep open communications with all candidates, allowing them to reach out if needed throughout the process. We also notify them in a timely manner as they move to the next stage or are eliminated from the pool, which increases the likelihood that you’ll have a positive candidate pool in the future.

Candidates who don’t end up getting the job should still be treated with respect, and we show this through every communication. Applicants should never feel like their time was wasted, and iVET360 ensures that is the case.

Phone Screenings

Though we keep you updated on the process, you don’t need to engage with candidates directly until we narrow down the pool for your in-person interviews. We dig through resumes and conduct initial phone screenings, and we only send you the most qualified people who would fit in at your veterinary hospital.

Criminal Background and Reference Checks

Once you decide on a person to hire, we run a criminal background check and reference checks for you. To conduct reference checks, we use VetReq, a system built by iVET360. VetReq puts the responsibility back on the candidates to complete their reference checks. We ask for references from two supervisors and one coworker, and the questions only take a few minutes to answer.

When the criminal background check and reference checks come back, we provide you with a full profile on the candidate so you can make a fully informed decision.

Replacement Guarantee

We want you to feel confident with your decision. If your new hire doesn’t work out within the first 90 days, we’ll recruit up to two replacements at no additional charge.

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