Facebook Vanity URL (Username)

Facebook Vanity URL (Username)

Industry Average


Have a Facebook vanity URL.

Prior Year Stats

2018: 78.9%

2017: 75.6%

Industry Notes

The industry improved by a slight 2% over the past year, and a full 6% over the past two years. 100% of iVET360 clients have a unique vanity URL for Facebook.

The What:

A Facebook vanity URL is a customized web address your clients can use to find your Facebook page (much like Google’s new Google My Business Short Name we addressed earlier in the report). When you first create your hospital’s page, Facebook assigns you a randomized URL with lots of numbers attached at the end. By adapting it into a vanity URL, you are simplifying your address into a username, thus making it easier for your clients to find you on Facebook.

The vanity URL also allows for easier branding of your hospital’s Facebook page with the “@” symbol, meaning your business can be found or tagged within Facebook. For example, at iVET360, the vanity URL of our Facebook page is: facebook.com/ iVET360. Now, in addition to being much less confusing than what it would have been before (something like, facebook.com/pages/iVET360/839408), our URL can be adapted so that anyone could find us on Facebook with @iVET360.

This is a simple, minimal thing for your practice to do, but it would make a big impact on the ease with which your clients find and communicate with you.

The Why:

Hospitals that have a vanity URL also saw a 4 percent increase in number of reviews/recommendations over those that did not.

The How:

How to set up a Facebook vanity URL: If you’re an admin of your hospital’s Facebook page, you will see on the left side of the page a button that says “Create Page @Username.” Clicking this, you can enter your desired username/vanity URL, or variations of it until you find one that’s available, and select “Create Username.”

It’s also important to make sure the URL you’re trying to create adheres to Facebook’s username guidelines..

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