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Benchmark Report

Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

The number of practices using the Ads feature remains flat, and will probably stay that way due to cost and the time involved to create them. 96.2% of iVET360’s clients utilize Google Ads.









The What

No surprise—if you pay for advertising on Google, you’re more likely to get preferential treatment when it comes to search engine results. These hospitals have wisely chosen to make use of a service called Google Ads, which from our experience has been consistently successful for veterinary practices.

In addition to cost, another possible reason for the stagnation in usage numbers for this platform is that Google Ads has a surprisingly large learning curve. They want to make sure that the content they are promoting looks professionally written, so they have developed an online training course. However, it’s an investment in time and energy that many practices don’t have right now. You can try to navigate the world of Google Ads for the first time by yourself, but research shows us that hospitals choosing the DIY path give up before they ever placed their first ad.

The Why

High adoption rates during the pandemic may have substantially increased your new client numbers, but keeping yourself in front of your clients and at the top of search engine results is an investment in the continuing financial health of your practice.

Hospitals that utilize Google Ads saw a 5% increase in the number of reviews over those that did not. For iVET360 clients in particular, Google Ads are currently the leading contributor to new client generation.

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The How

If you want to dive in to Google Ads (and we strongly suggest you do) we recommend finding someone who has completed the Google Ads training course—a Google Certified Partner. If you’d like to venture out on your own, here’s a checklist to get you started.

By the way, if you’re looking for Google Adwords Express as an easy way to do this, it is now part of Google Ads as a “Smart” campaign and no longer exists as a standalone option.

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