GMB Appointment Link

GMB Appointment Link

Industry Average


Of hospitals have a GMB appointment link.

Prior Year Stats

2018: 14.7%

2017: N/A

Industry Notes

The industry saw 54% more hospitals using the appointment link over last year. 100% of iVET360 clients utilize this tool.

The What:

The goal of your Google Knowledge Panel is for it to be so chock full of genuine information about your practice that clients would feel comfortable making an appointment then and there. Thankfully, there’s a feature right in your Knowledge Panel specifically for that purpose! This appointment link is not available for all businesses, so consider yourself lucky that the entire veterinary industry gets to keep this efficient little button in the same area as the map, phone number and hours of your hospital.

Consumers like having multiple options to get in contact with the services they’ll be partaking in (or that their animals will be). This is especially true for people who are searching for a veterinary hospital using a mobile device. In fact, according to Google, 68 percent of consumers value the option to either call a business or interact with them online while using their smartphone, and we at iVET360 can only see this percentage going up as the handheld device becomes more and more functional for tasks that are usually saved for a laptop or desktop computer. Adding the appointment link is a step toward that functionality, making it much easier for people on the go to schedule a visit for their pet.

As hospitals are devoting more time to their Google My Business profiles, free opportunities such as the appointment link are surfacing, as well as the benefits of these simple solutions. This would account in great measure for the 54 percent increase in veterinary hospitals making use of this free and convenient feature.

The Why:

Hospitals that have set up their appointment link also saw a 4 percent increase in number of reviews over those that have not. We also found that adding the appointment link drove 15 percent of the clicks on a business listing, equaling more booked appointments.

The How:

How to add an appointment link: Sign in to your Google My Business account and then choose the “My Business” listing. Then click on the URLs section, which should show you fields for relevant links that you will want to add, and add an appointment link to the correct field.

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