2018 Veterinary Marketing Benchmarks // Google


Google My Business Posts for Veterinary Hospitals


of the veterinary industry are utilizing Google Posts

The industry saw a 500% growth over last year.

2017: 1.7%

Percentage of iVET360 hospitals using Google Posts: 76.5%

The What:
Google Posts allows you to add some unique creative content to your otherwise bland, Google Knowledge Panel. With Google Posts, you can share content in the form of posts with people who are searching for your hospital. These posts can be up to 300-words long with an image and a link with a call to action.

When utilized strategically, Google Posts is a strong weapon in your digital marketing arsenal—say for example that you want to advertise a free first exam. If you do this on a Google Post, you can include in that post a direct link to your hospital’s website, where a client can make an appointment—this gives them a simplified process of looking up a hospital, clicking on an offer and then scheduling an appointment.

Along with providing ease of use, Google Posts are also a way for practices to stand out from the competition—when a client is looking through a listing of hospitals and sees a practice with an offer and a practice without an offer, the client will likely make an appointment with the practice with an offer.

Hospitals that utilize Google Posts also saw a 12 percent increase in the number of reviews over those that did not.

The How:
How to create a Google Post: Sign in to your Google My Business account. Click “Create post,” or click “Posts” from the menu. The “Create post” screen appears. Then choose which type of post you’d like to create based on the available options. Choose an option and then enter any relevant information. Click Preview to see a preview of your post and, if you’re happy with your post, click “Publish” in the top right corner of the screen.

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