GMB Questions & Answers

GMB Questions & Answers

Industry Average


Are using GMB Questions & Answers.


Average number of GMB questions.

Prior Year Stats

2018: 5.3%

2017: N/A

Industry Notes

The industry saw a serious growth over last year of 223% more hospitals paying attention to Google Questions and Answers. 42.6% of iVET360 clients make use of this feature.

The What:

Displayed within your Google Knowledge Panel, Google Questions and Answers allows any user to easily ask questions related to your practice. This is a very useful tool for informing and interacting with the public. If ignored or employed improperly, though, this forum-style feature could easily have negative consequences.

To use Google Q/A as an effective marketing tool, you could populate the section with your own questions and answers—almost like an FAQ. Not only does this get information out faster, it is also a good way to push services or features of your hospital you want the public to be more aware of. For example, if your hospital has avian services, you can submit a question as if it came from a bird owner in the community asking whether or not you do see birds. From there, you can go back in and respond with a strong, marketing-oriented answer to let them know that you do, in fact, treat birds.

The problem is, if you aren’t actively replying to the questions people leave, anyone else can answer them. This could leave the question askers trusting the wrong parties and the wrong information. By being proactive and answering these questions right away, you can prevent this issue from the get-go, while also making current and potential clients feel valued.

The spike in Google Q/A metrics comes mainly from the consumer. People are getting more used to using this platform to find answers to their questions. In fact, the average hospital has no less than three questions posted and ready to answer, and people who receive responses are statistically more likely to call the practice to follow up on their questions.

The Why:

Hospitals that answer Google Q/A also saw a 23 percent increase in number of reviews over those that did not.

The How:

How to manage Google Questions and Answers: Once you’re signed into your Google My Business account, navigate to your Google Knowledge Panel by searching or simply using your Google Short Name. After clicking into “See all questions” under the “Questions and Answers” section, you will be able to reply to questions, ask your own and upvote the accurate and relevant questions and answers about your hospital.

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