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Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Industry Average


Google Reviews for the average animal hospital.

Prior Year Stats

2018: 73

2017: 40

Industry Notes

The industry saw a 57% increase over last year, part of a promising 187% increase over the past two years. iVET360 clients average at 125 reviews.

The What:

Reviews matter for so many reasons. They give you a good idea of how your clients see your services, and they give potential clients a first-hand look at the care their pet will receive at your hospital. Google Reviews also play a major role in where your business is located on the Google search results page.

Google Reviews are the first thing that show up under the name of your hospital in the Google Knowledge Panel. The more reviews you have, and the higher the average number of stars, the more likely you are to appear more attractive to potential patrons, and Google knows that. It’s easier to trust the quality of a veterinary hospital that 40 people agreed deserved 4.6 stars than one that 6 people agreed should have the full 5.0 stars, and while Google’s algorithm for search results is rather complicated, it is this that is taken into account more than anything—along with proximity to the person searching.

That being said, if the veterinarian with only 6 Google Reviews is only five miles away, it will be placed after the practice that has 40 reviews, yet is 10 miles away.The good news is, local pet-owning communities are becoming more involved and leaving veterinary hospitals more reviews. In fact, the average practice received 3.5 new reviews every month during 2019. That may not seem like much, but from our data, it sings to the tune of 57 percent growth over last year. As a whole, too, Google continues to lead the pack of business listing services in average number of reviews; this makes sense, considering it’s the first thing your client sees when they Google “vet near me.”

The How:

How to gain more Google reviews: Ask your clients. Your hospital sees 10s to 100s of people every day, and a simple request to review your services goes a long way in growing your online reviews.

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