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Veterinary Marketing
Benchmark Report

Website Page Speed

The veterinary industry is currently sitting at an average loading speed of just over 4 seconds (an 6% increase over 2019). It’s been found that by that time, 24% of potential visitors have left the site. The average speed of iVET360 client websites is 2.9 seconds.









The What

Data-consuming images and videos are a large reason why the veterinary industry isn’t up to Google’s standard. While everyone loves seeing running puppies and adorable kittens pawing at the screen, what’s more important is that your clients don’t wait so long to see what they really came for— information about your services and how to reach you.

The Why

In addition to losing impatient clients, a slow website load also hurts you with Google, who uses it as a metric when determining search results. Google prioritizes the speed of a site on mobile devices over desktop—a speed they’d still like to be between 0-2.5 seconds.

While that “two-second rule” is a good thing theoretically, all you need to be sure of is that your site is at least on the faster side of the average for veterinary hospitals so that your competitors don’t start out-ranking you on Google. The trick is to stop comparing your website with the one for the brewpub down the street--it’s apples and oranges.

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The How

Check your website’s speed using this online tool. Once you test your site speed, Google will provide a detailed report on how to fix the issues that are slowing down your site as well as providing a link to share with your current webmaster. The best part, like with most things Google, is that it’s free.

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