Yelp Ads

Yelp Ads

Industry Average


Of hospitals are utilizing Yelp Ads.

Prior Year Stats

2018: 15.9%

2017: 11.9%

Industry Notes

After a 13% industry decline in the past year, the last two years have seen an overall 17% growth in hospitals using Yelp Ads. Only 15% of iVET360 clients make use of this.

The What:

If your hospital purchases a Yelp Ad, it will appear on the pages that consumers see when they’re looking for other veterinary hospitals or similar businesses. This means that not only will your ad be included in relevant search pages, but on the Yelp business pages of competitors as well. The ad will also get promoted across all Yelp platforms, including online and on the app, and encourages potential clients to visit your page.

A Yelp ad could also be anything from adding a call-to-action button on your business page (taking clients directly to an appointment page, coupon image etc.) torestricting competitors’ ads from appearing on your Yelp page.

While we did see a slight increase in hospitals choosing to push this feature in 2018, 2019’s decline seemed to even out the difference between the two previous years. This is likely because it’s harder to see a return on investment when it comes to Yelp Ads; in fact, the percentage of practices who are using the feature is slightly skewed as it is. Some hospitals were offered somewhat complementary Yelp Ads after investing in ads for Yellow Pages and choosing the cross-platform option. Choosing the most effective avenue for your marketing budget to go toward is important, and it’s likely that much of the industry has hospital locatons in less competitive areas.

The Why:

Hospitals that utilize Yelp Ads also saw a 92 percent increase in number of reviews over those that do not.

The How:

How to set up Yelp Ads: Yelp makes it easy to advertise on their platform. Simply click here for their detailed run down.

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