Yelp Claimed

Yelp Claimed

Industry Average


Of hospitals have claimed their Yelp business listing.

Prior Year Stats

2018: 86.9%

2017: 82.2%

Industry Notes

A 2% growth in the last year brought the industry to an 8% increase in claimed hospitals over the past two years. 100% of iVET360 clients have a claimed Yelp listing.

The What:

Facebook and Google have business verifications—Yelp has claims. And just like with the other two, it is essential that you take the simple step to claiming your veterinary hospital’s Yelp page. This is not only to avoid strangers and competitors taking control of a potential online profile of your practice, though. Claiming your business listing is the first and most important step toward having a complete profile, and according to Yelp, the more complete the profile, the more customer leads a business is likely to have.

With a claimed Yelp listing, your hospital has all the tools necessary to start personalizing and increasing the value of this page. Adding photos, responding to reviews and making offers are only a few of the things your practice can do to make your listing more attractive and informative for potential clients.

The industry continues to grow only slightly in the number of claimed Yelp listings, but ideally, the percentage would be at 100. This is such a simple check off the list, but it significantly strengthens the hospital’s reach and credibility online.

The Why:

Hospitals that have a claimed Yelp profile also saw an 8 percent increase in number of reviews over those that did not.

The How:

How to claim your hospital’s Yelp page: Search for your hospital on Yelp. If your page has not been claimed, there will be a link that says, “Claim your business.” Select this link, and it will lead you through a series of steps to create a business account. Once your account is set up, continue the instructions to claim the business. Yelp will call the number listed on the business page, and provide you with a code. Once you get this code, type it in to verify ownership of your page.

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