State of the Industry: Veterinary Marketing

A veterinary hospital’s success, particularly its ability to find and keep pet owner clients, relies heavily on the practice’s digital presence. Though there are many facets of digital marketing, the two most important in the veterinary industry are websites and social media like Facebook, Google and Yelp. Clients are more likely to trust veterinary hospitals with professional, responsive websites and by making the hospital available on social media, you lend more personality to your practice and get your practice in front of pet owners more often.

Unfortunately, not all veterinary hospitals have figured out the dos and don’ts of online marketing, and many hospitals pay a lot of money for monthly digital marketing services but receive little to no ROI in return. To benchmark the industry and its use of best practices, we analyzed the digital presences of 1,000 accredited veterinary hospitals around the country, compiling 25,000 data points. We also analyzed iVET360’s accredited clients separately. We chose to look at accredited hospitals due to their diversity in size and their dedication to practicing excellence in veterinary medicine. All hospitals reviewed serve companion animals; we did not include equine, emergency or specialty hospitals.

Our study is the largest, most comprehensive and most in-depth digital marketing study ever completed in the veterinary field. All checkpoints were based on yes or no questions. We used only facts to build this study—no judgments. We also broke this data down by marketing provider, so we could see how veterinary service companies score when it comes to getting their veterinary hospitals up to speed in the digital space.

We produced this bias-free report to help practice owners and managers understand what to look for when selecting a marketing company. We’re presenting it here to show all veterinary hospitals where they can look to improve their digital footprint.

Report Highlights


Had The Basic SEO Components Installed On Their Website


Had Verified Their Facebook Page


Utilized Google Business Posts


Average Number Of Reviews On Yelp

This report was created to establish a benchmark you can use to measure your hospital’s marketing efforts. A survey this grand and all-encompassing has never been produced before.

To download this report and receive your veterinary hospital’s score, please fill out the form below, and we’ll provide a complimentary all-inclusive digital report for your hospital within 24 hours.