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Best Practices Delivery Team

The iVET360 Advantage.

Your assigned iVET360 team first asks you to define your current operational priorities, then we detail these priorities through an extensive set of operational and financial analytics. Then we personalize your marketing and staff development Plan of Action, which outlines the tools we will use to accomplish your goals. Your iVET360 team is responsible for implementing this Plan of Action.

Marketing Manager

Your Marketing Manager coordinates and delivers your personalized marketing plan. With the support of a full-service creative team, your Marketing Manager implements the marketing tools defined in the marketing section of your Plan of Action. iVET360 breaks the marketing plan into two components: the foundation component, which is a set of critical marketing tools all businesses need, and the enhanced component, which varies depending on the growth rate your practice desires, local market dynamics and your budget.

Your Marketing Manager:

  • Coordinates and delivers marketing initiatives with support from iVET360’s creative team, which includes digital and print designers, programmers and developers, video producers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, social media specialists, copywriters, media buyers, printers and event coordinators
  • Manages iVET360 delivery software and call tracking services
  • Works with your Business Analyst to determine effectiveness of marketing tools

HR & Training Advisor

Your HR & Training Advisor, a seasoned hospital administrator or practice manager, is your reference and delivery person for everything related to staff training, development and HR tasks. Your HR & Training Advisor works with you directly to achieve your unique staff priorities.

Your HR & Training Advisor:

  • Builds and integrates your hospital’s task list system, new job postings and performance standards
  • Builds and integrates your hospital’s performance management system and compensation plan
  • Manages your hospital’s assigned recruiter
  • Installs and integrates training for position-specific best practices, like inbound call training for front office employees
  • Coordinates team-building tools
  • Monitors, manages and advises on HR and coaching

Business Analyst

Your Business Analyst is knowledgeable in operational and financial analysis and in establishing strategies for private veterinary practices. Plus, your Business Analyst works alongside you to determine and manage your budget, using real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) to locate areas to improve and to tie all your hospital’s operational goals to actual performance.

Your Business Analyst:

  • Develops strategy and holds iVET360 team accountable for delivery
  • Forecasts yearly budget and reviews progress monthly with your hospital
  • Reviews KPIs and success of best practice strategies monthly with your hospital
  • Outlines valuations, equity agreements, and associate agreements
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