Communication App

Keep your iVET360 communications all in one place.

Our Communication App contains everything you need to communicate with your assigned iVET360 delivery team. This useful tool doesn’t just eliminate the need to dig through your email, providing you and your hospital’s leadership with an organized, secure environment to discuss with your iVET360 Managers. Our Communication App also includes document storage for all iVET360-related materials, a checklist function for in-process projects and a calendar that shows upcoming due dates and meetings. Your Communication App also easily links you to your analytics Dashboard and your customized Plan of Action.


Your Marketing Manager will preload your checklist with tasks for us to complete in the first six months. Members of your hospital page can add additional tasks. These checklist items display what the task is, who is responsible for it and when the next due date is. This ensures that your projects are completed on schedule.


Under Topics, your Marketing Manager will organize communication threads to specific marketing projects. This is crucial for keeping projects organized and prioritized.


Your Marketing Manager will back up all important documents in the Communication App so you have 24/7 access to all information regarding your marketing projects.

Improve your veterinary hospital operations and help more pets.