HR & Training

You can’t do better until you know better.

Your staff is one of your largest expenses, so each member of your team represents a substantial investment in your practice’s image. Your staff shapes your clients’ views and perceptions of your practice, and they are a major factor of your clients’ continued (or not continued) relationships with you. First, your HR & Training Advisor works with you to define what staff development means to you, then we match iVET360 best practices to your individual practice culture and develop a consistent message to deliver to your clients.

Our goal is to help your entire staff practice compassionate care in a client-focused environment. iVET360’s Staff Development best practices are designed to create a collaborative, educated and cohesive team environment at your veterinary practice. We designed these tools understanding the daily challenges you face in the hospital environment. Our methods are geared towards teaching staff members how to work around these challenges as a team, all while providing exemplary client service. We want to create a cohesive and supportive staff culture so your staff members are engaged in seeing your practice succeed.

Practice owners and managers often tell us that their biggest limitation in staff development is a lack of time for effective leadership. We support your practice owner and manager in effective and efficient staff management, and we can guide you through any staff or human resources challenges you may face. By promoting proactive leadership, instead of the more common method of “crisis management,” we help you and your team direct more energy to our common goal: helping more pets.

Supervisory Development

Great employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Poor management means losing excellent team members, while poor performers linger, affecting client care, patient care, and culture. Your managers and supervisors are the ambassadors for your practice’s culture, what is the message they are sending to your team? We work with your practice to determine what development you supervisors need, from the basic skills to advanced performance management, and work with them both directly and through webinars and classes to get them the skills they need to be strong, compassionate leaders in your practice.

Training Tools

Whether you’re hiring a new staff member or you’re evaluating a long-time employee’s performance, we have tools to help. You’ll have access to our library of training videos, leadership training documents, performance evaluations, staff handbooks and documents that will help you lead successful, effective staff meetings.


Since our workplaces are more diverse now than ever before, we’ll help you establish a culture that engages and speaks to all of your employees. A cohesive company culture that includes regular staff recognition and team building events encourages employees to unite toward the common, hospital-wide goal that your leadership team defines. In addition, we’ll work with you and your team to ensure superb patient and client care.

HR Support

We help you build an environment that is more proactive than reactive, but we’re also there for you in a crisis. We can set up the human resources protocols that help you manage the coaching, feedback and discipline necessary for improving employee performance, and we can assist you with terminations when an employee just isn’t a good fit anymore.

Improve your veterinary hospital operations and help more pets.