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Please Read This Generic HR Article—Don’t Worry, You’re Getting Paid to Read This

Human resources and training are terms that often evoke the boring, stuffy feel of signing papers and reading long, outdated training manuals. Fortunately, your HR and Training manager is here to answer any questions you may have regarding and iVET360’s HR and Training pillars, which we use to help assess your practice and examine your strengths and weaknesses.

Below, we go through each pillar and discuss its importance. This will be the first in a series of newsletters, with later articles going more in-depth into the content below.

It will all be pain-free, we promise!

Workplace Culture

(Because You’re All Part of the Same Team)

Workplace culture is pivotal in getting your amazing team on the same page and creating a consistent, gratifying atmosphere. This short course takes a deep dive into work culture and examines your current work environment.


(Because Not Anyone Can Do What You Do)

Training employees is an essential part of the job, no matter what the position is. This interactive lesson provides helpful training dos and don’ts.

Client Experience

(Because Clients Keep the Lights On)

A helpful attitude and the right tone of voice go a long way in making people and pets feel welcome to your practice. This course focuses on things like enhancing client experiences over the phone and personalizing your dialogue.

Supervisor Skills

(Because Someone Has to Be in Charge)

Supervisors have to keep everyone happy and on task, which is much easier said than done. In this section, we break down how to coach rather than order around, and we also cover conflict resolution and providing effective feedback

Performance Management

(Because You’re All Fantastic, Responsible Professionals)

Performance management helps keep a hospital’s staff focused and on track. This video introduces a points system, which keeps employees accountable for their actions.

Employee Engagement

(Because We’re Not Just Robots Going Through the Motions)

Engaged employees are healthy employees. Building teamwork makes a working environment not only enjoyable but also establishes positive camaraderie which will help the task at hand.


(Because You Want to Assemble the Perfect Squad)

Assembling the ideal staff takes time and careful consideration. This starts with recruiting, placing an engaging job ad and thoroughly vetting prospective candidates.

Legal Compliance

(Because Yadda Yadda Yadda)

Most practice leaders dislike talking about legal compliance, but in this litigious age, it is important that practices be fully compliant with local, state and federal laws. Knowing the law is the first step—knowing how to comply with the law is much more important.