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Google My Business Support Links: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If like so many small businesses in America you’ve lost revenue due to the COVID-19 crisis, and you’ve heard from clients who are eager to help but are unsure of what that help might look like, Google My Business has the answer!

You know we love talking about Google My Business…and with nearly 93% of the industry have claimed their profile, it’s obvious you understand the value it brings your hospital. Now, GMB has rolled out a new feature to help your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GMB Support Links gives you the power to direct interested clients to pages where they can leave a donation to your hospital or purchase gift cards for friends and family. The feature allows you to not only add a donation and gift card link to your business profile page but to include a brief message to your clients about how you intend to spend any donated funds and how gift card purchases can go a long way toward easing financial pressures in these challenging times.

Get Support From Customers

To take advantage of this new add-on, you must first create your own gift card and donation pages. Once those are finished, sign in to Google My Business. Click on “Posts” and choose “COVID-19 support.” Enter a message to customers and the appropriate links to the recently created pages. Click “Post” to save your changes. Only owners, managers, and site managers of your business profile are permitted to use the post feature.

As for the personalized messages you include with your links, keep them short, sweet, specific, and upbeat. The ideal length for an appeal of this kind is between 250-300 characters.

These links provide your clients with an easy pathway toward supporting your mission, and they could end up bolstering your bottom line, too. A win-win, in other words. For a rundown of GMB Support Links policies and a more complete picture of how this new feature can work for your hospital, click here.