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Have You Heard About Google Attributes?

You already know all about the Google Knowledge Panel, Google’s way of highlighting your business on their massive, informative search engine that lets you find out information about almost anything. But are you aware of Google Attributes? These helpful “attributes” (think of them almost like badges) are available for veterinary hospitals to use to highlight certain aspects of their business on their Knowledge Panel on mobile search and Google Maps. On top of user promotion, these attributes also help your practice stand out on search results, making them a viable marketing tool. For the 91.7% of veterinary hospitals that have a claimed Google Business listing, Google has been slowly adding these attributes to claimed listings over the last year, and currently lets businesses highlight:
  • Accessibility (wheelchair-accessible elevators, entrances and/or restrooms)
  • Amenities (unisex restrooms)
  • Highlights (veteran-led and/or women-led business)
  • Planning (LGBTQ friendly)
For LGBTQ-friendly, Veteran-Led, Women-Led and Highly-Rated hospitals, Google will also add an icon highlighting these attributes on mobile searches, which offers a visual aid that works to make your hospital more welcoming. If your practice abides by any of the above criteria and you’d like to add an attribute to your Google Knowledge Panel, simply follow these easy steps:
  1. Go to your Google My Business account and open the “Info” tab
  2. Find the Attributes section and click on this
  3. Scroll over to the highlights section
  4. Select the attributes that represent your practice
  5. Click “Apply”
There may be a delay in some of these attributes showing up—it can take up to three days for the changes to be reflected on your Google Knowledge Panel.


At iVET360, it is our responsibility to educate the veterinary industry regarding any relevant changes in the digital world. As such, we highly encourage hospitals to use Google Attributes, so they can stand out and reach new clients. If you have any questions about Google Attributes, the Knowledge Panel or anything else related to the digital needs of your hospital, our experts can help you with marketing, websites, social media accounts and much more. For more details on our suite of services, which also include analytics and HR and Training support, please contact us to discuss what we can do to improve your veterinary hospital, so we can ultimately help you help more pets.