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Difficult Conversations Decoded

Leadership Development

Many of the common questions we receive in iVET360 HR & Training involve staff management. Questions include how to help supervisors be more comfortable confronting employees; how to motivate supervisors to take initiative; how to help managers feel confident in dealing with difficult client situations; and how to utilize supervisors more effectively. Essentially, how do we turn supervisors into effective practice leaders?

The trouble is, often times supervisors in veterinary hospitals haven’t yet developed the skill set to be leaders. Veterinary supervisors are typically receptionists or technicians who had seniority and were promoted after a previous manager left. This often means that veterinary supervisors lack the basic leadership skills that would help elevate practice culture and accountability.

Building a Leader

Because iVET360 is committed to improving the culture in veterinary practices, we are pleased to announce iVET360 Supervisor Skills Webinars. These webinars address many of the fundamental skills that supervisors need to be successful leaders in a veterinary practice. Our inaugural topic was Decoding Difficult Conversations, a discussion of simple ways to approach everyday minor issues that occur in most veterinary practices. In it, we discuss the importance of managing employees, how to deal with gossip, how to coach emotional employees, and more. We then provided simple scripts for the attendees to practice and use the next time they encountered an applicable situation. This very popular webinar was attended by new and veteran supervisors, aspiring leaders, and even veterinarians and practice managers who have been in the field for many years.

Difficult Conversations Decoded Webinar

Comprehensive Skill Workshops

Future topics will include conflict management and resolution skills, dealing with difficult clients, coaching as a leadership style, time management and delegation. Our goal is to provide your supervisors (and aspiring supervisors!) with the abilities necessary to become the strong leaders you need them to be. These webinars are open to any team members in your hospital that you feel would benefit from learning these skills, including your practice manager and associate veterinarians. The Supervisor Skills Training Webinars will only be available to iVET360 clients moving forward.