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iVET360 Announces Veterinary Specific Bookkeeping Services

Portland, OR— On their 10th Anniversary of delivering services; iVET360 announces the launch of bookkeeping services, a dynamic game-changer exclusively crafted for veterinary practices aiming to boost efficiency and optimize financial management. No algorithms or AI here. Real financial experts who get to know you, your practice, and your financial goals. iVET360 takes the paperwork off the plate of Practice Managers so teams can focus on delivering exceptional veterinary care. Oliver Roller, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, shares his insights: “We’ve seen the chaos that mismanaged books can unleash — lost time, vanishing funds, you name it. So, we thought, why should our practices be left waiting on bookkeepers? In true iVET360 fashion, we’re bringing you efficient bookkeeping and as quick and responsive as everything else we do.” This innovative service skillfully merges iVET360’s hallmark approachability with an added layer of sophistication and precision. Roller adds, “Our aim is always to take the tedious chores off your plate so that you can spend your time helping pets.”

Service Highlights Include:

  • Seamless Financial Integration: iVET360 employs the AAHA Chart of Accounts, providing a standardized framework and ensuring accurate ‘apples-to-apples’ financial comparisons for veterinary practices.
  • Flexible and Cost-Effective: iVET360’s bookkeeping solutions are three times less expensive than those of their competitors, making them an economically advantageous choice for veterinary practices.
  • Precision Bookkeeping with Analytical Insight: At iVET360, our bookkeeping transcends traditional number-crunching. It’s enhanced by our extensive analytics consulting background, offering a unique combination of financial management and data-driven expertise. This distinct blend, exclusive to iVET360, provides your practice with bookkeeping that’s not only accurate but also strategically nuanced, ensuring every financial decision is grounded in expert analysis.

“We’re committed to offering solutions that are as smart and sophisticated as they are accessible,” said Roller. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, visit or contact us at (503) 765-6360.