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iVET360’s Heather Romano speaks at Veterinary Management Institute

When we started iVET360, we established a vision of what we thought the company could be. We’ve kept our two-part guiding vision ever since, and so in all our work, we strive to help as many pets as we can and to become a leading voice in the veterinary industry.

Managing Director of Staff Development Heather Romano is helping us embody both parts of our vision. Today, she is leading Inventory 101, a four-hour class on veterinary inventory management, at Veterinary Management Institute (VMI) in Denver. VMI is a program for new and aspiring veterinary practice managers that provides thorough skill training on topics all across veterinary management.

The class is a “no-fluff” approach to the fundamental aspects of inventory management, Romano says, from budgeting for inventory, to maximizing profits, to keeping inventory organized and properly categorized. Romano also focuses on the importance of encouraging the whole veterinary team to get involved in the inventory process.

“If the team doesn’t know how inventory works,” she says, “they won’t know how to communicate that certain products are running low or expiring, or that certain products were over-ordered. When everyone is involved, fewer things expire because more people are keeping an eye on the shelves. This not only decreases your cost of goods, but also reduces the amount of time it takes to do inventory.”

By getting the team involved in the inventory process, Romano says, practice managers can delegate duties, which gives everyone a chance to grow and frees up time for management.

Romano and iVET360 have been invited to give this talk—and many others over the next 12 months—because of her reputation in the veterinary industry as a thought leader.

“We’re teaching this wave of managers, which means we’re helping shape the veterinary field, which ties back to our vision of being a leading industry voice,” she says. “We’re giving practice managers strong skills to take back to their veterinary practices to make them better places for employees, clients, and pets.”

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