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Bing Pages For Animal Hospitals

Put A Bing On It

Bing Pages are the search engine’s answer to Google Knowledge Panels

While Google is undoubtedly the Beyoncé of search, Bing is still a player—in fact, people who search on desktop computers use Bing about 25% of the time.

That’s why it’s important for veterinary practices to be aware of Bing Pages, a new search engine feature rolled out by Microsoft that gives you substantial control over the online look and content of your listing when people search specifically for your practice name. This differs from Bing Places for Business, which supports only generic and map searches.  

Bing Pages will enable you to better manage your practice’s online and Outlook email presence by allowing you to:

  • promote your social media content
  • group social media links in on pace
  • publish contact details
  • customize Outlook profiles with images & content

Bing Pages show up on search results pages similar to a knowledge panel on Google and have a pretty simple, unrestricted sign-up process. Microsoft uses your email address and Twitter to authenticate accounts and lifts content and images for the Bing Page from your practice’s social media and website.

The social media features of Bing Pages are a real plus in that they allow you to promote your content for free. Have a new client offer?  Need to let your clients know you’re closed due to snow? Get the word out at no cost to your practice! These promoted posts will show up in relevant search results for a 24-hour period—and you can designate target categories and demographics, something that’s especially valuable for local-dependent businesses like veterinary practices.

Once Bing Pages go live, iVET360 will ensure our practices are ready and maximizing the benefits. Click here to view our Bing Page or click here create your Bing Page—and when you’re ready, we’ll be glad to help you make sure your practice has the most hits when pet owners go looking for a veterinarian.