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Media Release: Veterinary Hospitals See 17 Percent Revenue Increase with iVET360

PORTLAND, Ore. – A national veterinary management services company based in Portland surpassed their own projections for 2015 with their clients seeing a 17 percent average increase in revenue, iVET360 announced Wednesday.

iVET360 was founded in 2013 and provides private practice, primary-care veterinary hospitals with management services. Their services include overseeing staff development, marketing and providing financial, operational and customer care analytics. In addition to 17 percent growth in revenue, iVET360’s clients saw a 24 percent increase in new client growth on average.

One reason iVET360 has been so successful is their ability to assist veterinarians with implementation. Many veterinarians lack the time to fully implement operational improvements and new initiatives because they are often overwhelmed with clinical care and basic practice management tasks.

“Life happens, you have great ideas, you have new tools and processes you want to bring into the hospital, but Monday morning, you walk in and there’s an emergency surgery, there’s an IT issue, there’s a staff crisis and stuff just doesn’t get done,” said Matt Murray, founder and CEO of iVET360. “But that’s where we come in. We make sure stuff gets done, because our iVET360 team works shoulder to shoulder with our clients, helping them, not just telling them what to do.”

One veterinary hospital that has benefitted from iVET360’s services is the Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego located in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

“Our experience with iVET360 has been that they are energetic, on-time and innovative, yet open to our own suggestions and ideas,” said Dr. Gregg Takashima, former president of the American Animal Hospital Association and practice owner with the Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego. “They have more than delivered what they promised and we have found them to be a valuable partner in our marketing/PR, team development, and data collection and understanding.”

iVET360 is a fee for services business that operates on a month to month basis with no contract required. They are delivering an average of four to 10 times return on that monthly fee for existing clients after four to six months of services.

“It’s a basic philosophy when we started the business. There are too many people requiring long-term contracts because they don’t have enough confidence in what they are going to do for their clients. If we can’t do what we say we’re going to do for our clients, then we shouldn’t be in business,” said Murray.

iVET360 was developed over nine years of experience helping over 1,400 practices. Their proprietary software is similar to those used by national veterinary corporations but is available to private practices for the first time. This software assists with improving customer compliance for recommended treatment plans. Hospitals, which are best suited to benefit from iVET360’s services, demonstrate clinical excellence, typically have at least two doctors and are committed to improving operationally.

About iVET360:
Established in 2013 and headquartered in Oregon, iVET360 is a practice management services company that provides critical support to veterinary hospitals across the nation. Their specialists educate and assist proven veterinary practices with staff development, marketing and analytics to ensure complete implementation of business strategies into the daily activities of the hospital.

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