2018 Veterinary Marketing Benchmarks // Nextdoor


Nextdoor Recommendations for Vets



The average number of Nextdoor Recommendations for iVET360 clients: 55

The What:
On your public Nextdoor business page, there is a button with a heart logo that says “Recommend.” Users can click this button and then write a positive comment about your hospital, which everyone in your network can see. However, people can also just write a comment about your hospital without hitting the “Recommend” button, which shows up in the same feed as the recommendation comments—here is where users often post negative reviews.

While negative feedback can’t necessarily be helped, what you can do if this occurs is either reply publicly on the forum or you can send the commenter a private message to mend any wrongdoing. Negative reviews can also be removed by Nextdoor if the content violates their guidelines, however, this must first be reported and then removed by them.

Recommendations help by not only creating a positive aura around your hospital, but the more that people recommend your practice, the higher you show up on search results in your network, which helps with visibility and ultimately, client count.

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